City of Denton Lawn Sprinkler System Repair & Installation

With lawn watering requirements in the City of Denton, now would be a good time to have a sprinkler system repair. Not only can you save a bunch of money on your monthly water bill, but your lawn will look better too. A broken sprinkler is easy to spot, because usually the area around it will be dried out and brown, in contrast to a well irrigated backyard.

Sometimes the lawnguys slice off the sprinkler head with the mower which is not always easy to spot – until the water is turned on, and then a fountain of water shows the problem straight away.

Give us a call for a Professional lawn sprinkler system repair.

City of Denton sprinkler repair service covers:
– Sprinkler repair of broken or leaking heads, pop-ups, rotors
– Repair of leaks in underground valves and piping
– Adjusting spray patterns, overlaps and span of individual sprinkler heads
– Adding extra zones and sprinkler heads•Repairing lawn sprinkler Controller/Timer problems
– Locating and repair of electrical problems
– Repair of non-functioning sensors
– Repair and replacing solenoid valves
– Adding Lawn Sprinkler Rain and Freeze Sensors to existing systems
– General Irrigation System repair

As a specialist irrigation contractor, we know that many Denton County residents have a wide range of installed sprinkler systems. Our technicians can handle sprinkler repairs on most major brands including Hunter, Rainbird, Automatic Rain, Weathermatic and Irritrol.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation in the City of Denton

If you are looking for new irrigation, we offer residential and commercial lawn sprinkler installation in the City of Denton.

Lawn Sprinkler System City of DentonYou will be reassured to learn the CCS Sprinker offers 3-year warranty on materials and labor for all our residential lawn sprinkler installations. Check around, you won’t find many guarantees that long. To be able to offer that, we need to select the best available sprinkler systems and equipment. Most major irrigation companies manufacture make a high quality product and a cheaper version which is of lower quality. As a consumer it is difficult to make a sound decision based on a particular brand or another. That is where a professional irrigator comes in. Use our knowledge to make sure you get the best and most reliable installation which will offer trouble-free service for years to come.

For a new lawn sprinkler system install, we will provide a guaranteed reliable Sprinkler System with water-saving operation including:
• Separate Zones for Sprays and Rotors
• Optimum Operating Pressure Recommendations
• Code-Required Freeze and Rain Sensors
• Recommendations to Suit Your Soil and Plant Types
• Head-to-Head Coverage
• Matched Precipitation Nozzles
• Code-Required Backflow Prevention Device

Designing and implementing an automatic sprinkler system installation is a complex project. That is why it is best to work with a qualified professional. CCS sprinkler has many years of lawn sprinklers experience and is a Hunter Preferred Sprinkler Contractor and Rainbird Select installer, being expert in:
– Correct Sprinkler System Installation Procedures
– City of Denton Electrical, Plumbing, and Backflow Prevention Codes
– Efficient Sprinkler System Layout
– System Design and Multiple Water Saving Methods
– Plant Water Requirements and Soil Types

A water-efficient lawn sprinkler system, properly installed by CCS Sprinkler using the latest water saving systems and high quality Hunter or Rainbird equipment, is a great long-term investment for your lawn and landscape.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is exempt from the City of Denton water restrictions, because landscape drip irrigation systems, like a soaker hose, are the most efficient way to save water at the same time watering the most important parts of your landscape such as flower beds, shrubs and trees.

A drip irrigation system allows the slow and exact application of water in a precise area, and is often installed around a foundation to prevent severe drying and saving potential foundation cracks. We can add drip irrigation by adding drip lines or convert existing sprinkler zones to drip irrigation instead for these areas. This will allow you to water these areas as often as you like and use micro irrigation to protect these valuable investments.

Drip or soaker lines will keep your property looking good. We use dependable, high-grade valves with a filter and a pressure regulator that maintains the outlet pressure, ideal for drip zones. Filtering out any impurities is very important with a drip system, a highly reliable solenoid with a stainless steel screen filter is recommended, and a matched pressure regulator, to deliver proven durability, performance, and reliability.
Drip Irrigation in Dallas

Proudly serving the City of Denton, Denton, Argyle and Ponder, and zip codes 76203, 76204, 76202, 76206, 76201, 76209, 76205, 76207, 76208, 76210, 76226 and 76259.

Water Conservation in Denton
According to the EPA, the average household uses 320 gallons of water per day. In the City of Denton, at least 70 percent of this is used for lawn irrigation in the summer, and this decreases to around 40 percent in the winter. Approximately 10,000 gallons per household is lost each year from leaking toilets, faucets, and valves.

To achieve Denton’s water conservation goals, the City promotes water conservation practices, enforces the Lawn and Landscape Ordinance, and has adopted the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.

City of Denton Dyno Dirt
Dyno Dirt are a mixture of compost, soil blend, and mulches. It is excellent for landscapes and gardens, to promote efficient use of our scarce water resources, and can be used to minimize irrigation.

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