Aubrey Sprinkler System Installation or Repair

If you are looking for a lawn sprinkler system installation or repair in Aubrey Texas, then you are in the right place.

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

installes sprinkler system in Aubrey

Aubrey sprinkler system installation

Aubrey is a great place to live due to being close to the north of the Metroplex, with easy road access, and resident commuters can enjoy their return to quiet countryside living and a beautiful green lawn at home. Many of the newer homes have a good sized yard, but were constructed without automatic irrigation systems.

The last thing you feel like after a hard commute on the I75 or highway 380 is to roll out a hose and start watering. CCS offer a full service lawn sprinkler installation service – from a no-obligation quote to detailed system design of lines and heads, to installation and service, you can relax knowing the watering can now take care of itself.

We provide an industry leading 3-year warranty on materials and labor for all residential installations. What that means for you is that we select the best quality systems and components, to give you the most reliable system.
Many people are not aware that most big irrigation manufacturers make both a high quality product and a lower quality cheaper product. Because of that, often consumers can be left comparing apples to oranges when it comes to purchasing a system. The difference between a good sprinkler system and a poor one is the contractor that designs and installs it!

On new lawn sprinkler system installations, we will provide a guaranteed reliable sprinkler system with water-saving operation including:
– Best Head to Head design for coverage
– Matched Nozzles for Equal Distribution– Separate Zones for Sprays and Rotors
– Optional Drip Irrigation Lines (popular around house foundations)
– Code-Required Backflow Prevention Device
– Code-Required Freeze and Rain Sensors
– Expert Recommendations For Your Specific Plants and Shrubs

Designing and implementing an automatic sprinkler system installation is a complex project and a building permit may be required. A water-efficient lawn sprinkler system, properly installed by CCS Sprinkler using the latest water saving systems and high quality Hunter or Rainbird equipment, is a great investment for your lawn and landscape.

One newer option to think about is a soil moisture sensor. These can be added to almost any existing system as well as on new systems. Once installed and calibrated a soil moisture sensor really needs no further attention. This one simple addition cuts landscape water usage on average by 50%, easily paying for itself in 1 to 2 years depending on the size of your yard. Ask us for more details.

Sprinkler Repair in Aubrey

Are you looking for a lawn sprinkler repair near Aubrey?
Once the rain stops, any problems with a lawn show up really quickly due to the intense heat. Often a lawn will have brown dry spots where the water is not reaching, and it will soon die off if not watered. Once grass has died, it is difficult to get it to grow back evenly, and you may end up with a patchy backyard. As part of our repair service, sprinkler heads are checked and adjusted to avoid pooling of water, and watering of areas that don’t need it such as sidewalks.

We can help with a professional quality sprinkler system repair and checkup.
Your Aubrey sprinkler repair service includes:
• Sprinkler repair of broken or leaking heads, pop-ups, rotors
• Repairing lawn sprinkler Controller/Timer problems
• Locating and repair of electrical problems
• Repair of broken sensors
• Repair and replacing solenoid valves
• Repair of leaks in underground pipes and valves
• Adjusting spray patterns, overlaps and span of individual sprinkler heads
• Adding extra zones and sprinkler heads
• Installing drip-fed irrigation lines
• Adding Lawn Sprinkler Rain and Freeze Sensors to existing systems
• General Irrigation System repair
We offer sprinkler repairs on all major brands, including Rainbird, Hunter, Automatic Rain, Irritrol, and Weathermatic.

Aubrey is a great place to live, after all who can resist a town whose name was drawn out of a hat (back in 1881). We are honored to be a small part of helping our environment look greener.

The City of Aubrey requires a building permit for a lawn irrigation sprinkler system

City of Aubrey Building Permits

City of Aubrey Building Permits

City of Aubrey, Aubrey, TX 76227
In Accordance with City Ordinances #371-06 and #489-13 General provisions for Aubrey Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems:
1. A City registered irrigation contractor ($55 for registration) must perform installation of the system, and pull a permit ($50 for permit) for each job in the City of Aubrey.
2. The irrigation and sprinkler system shall be installed according to the 2003 International Plumbing Code. The backflow prevention device should be installed according to the Manufacturer’s Suggested Installation Instructions. If those instructions are not provided to the City, the device will be inspected according to the 2003 International Plumbing Code and the City’s Backflow Prevention Ordinance.
3. A licensed backflow device tester shall test the backflow prevention device at the completion of the installation and annually with the results being filed at City Hall. The property owner is responsible for all costs associated with testing of device and results filed after the annual due date shall be subject to a $50 late fee. A backflow test report must be submitted to City Hall prior to initial inspection.
4. An irrigation and sprinkler system may not be placed on a water service line smaller than ¾ inch, depending on the number of sprinkler heads. If the existing water service line is smaller than ¾ inch, then a tap must be made to the water main.
5. Irrigation and sprinkler systems may be attached (“Y” off) to existing 1-inch water service lines.

Aubrey area home developments for sprinkler system installations include Arrowbrooke, Savannah, Union Park, Sandbrock Ranch, Winn Ridge, and Sandbrock Ranch.

A water-efficient lawn sprinkler system installation or repaired by CCS Sprinkler using the latest water saving systems and high quality Hunter or Rainbird equipment, is a great investment for your lawn and landscape. Contact us today on (972) 332-1618.
Insurance Information
General Liability $2,000,000.00
License Information
Landscape Irrigator LI0005863 (Tx)