Dallas Water Conservation

In April 2012 Dallas City Council approved a new ordinance limiting the use of Dallas sprinkler systems to twice weekly. The ordinance went into effect on April 23, 2012, and what is different to the past is that the twice weekly watering schedule is now a permanent restriction. The City of Dallas will allow temporary variances in watering for special events and brand new landscaping.

Regional water conservation long-term planning came to the conclusion that due to recent droughts (worse than back to the 50’s) and rapid population growth, action was needed. For Dallas customers, current water supplies are expected to meet customer demand for the next twenty years, and changing to twice weekly watering is predicted to extend water supplies to 2045.

In practise the average north Texas lawn only needs just over an inch of water each week, even during the hot summer peak. In fact setting your sprinkler system to water deeply and infrequently develops a healthy lawn with deep roots.

City of Dallas Conservation Ordinance
The guidelines in the Water Conservation Ordinance are intended to conserve water and extend the life of existing infrastructure by minimizing the stress on the system caused by the peak demand of summer water usage. By using water wisely, we can help delay infrastructure expansion (primarily water treatment facilities and delivery systems) and the need for additional water resources (buying additional water rights to existing reservoirs or building new reservoirs). Outdoor water usage can be more than 50% of our total summer water use. By controlling this use we can minimize its impact on our current infrastructure and future expansion. The City states that violations of these outdoor water guidelines can result in fines of $250 to $2,000 per incident, although a first offense will receive a warning first. See more about the Conservation Ordinance.

The maximum twice per week watering schedule has been set by the City according to street addresses of homes. For example if your address ends in an even number, allowed watering days are Sundays and Thursdays, and if your address ends in an odd number, the allowed watering days are Saturdays and Wednesdays. If there is no number in an address, allowed watering days are Sundays and Thursdays. Office buildings, apartments or properties with multiple addresses are to use the lowest address number

Dallas Tx Watering ScheduleThere are other guidelines such as not watering your yard between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from April 1 until October 31. Hand watering is allowed at any time or day.

If you need assistance to set your sprinkler system or a sprinkler repair to meet the requirements, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!