Sprinkler Valve Repair

A sprinkler valve repair is one of the most common repairs needed on existing systems. The reason is that a valve is an active (i.e. involves moving components) part of the system, as opposed to the passive parts such as pipes and risers. The most common type of valve is an electrically operated solenoid valve, triggered by the electronic sprinkler controller.

The body of the sprinkler valve acts as a gate valve, with two options – full on or fully closed. Inside the valve is a piston, which when moved backwards and forwards operates the valve and switches on and off the water going through the body. The piston is part of a solenoid. If you remember some basic physics (Faraday’s Law on Induction), if a metal object is inside a magnet, and electricity is applied, then the metal object will move. So in this case, the metal object is the piston, and the force applied by the magnetic and electrical fields causes the piston to move. The movement of the piston will open and close the valve.

With an older sprinkler installation, often the solenoid gets corroded or worn, resulting in the valve staying either in the on or off position, needing a sprinkler valve repair. This is usually easy to see as the sprinkler zone with this valve either operates continuously, or doesn’t come on at all. Usually the fix is to either replace the solenoid unit or more commonly, the entire valve. If you can match the exact make and model of the valve, a simple replacement of the solenoid is possible by first disconnecting the electrical connections and the doing a straight exchange of the old solenoid unit with a new one. Alternatively a better repair is to replace the entire sprinkler valve as sometimes the body of the valve can be worn as well, making a better sprinkler repair Dallas.