Dallas Sprinkler Repair Contractor Makes Backyards High-Tech

Traditionally backyards and garden lawns have not been a hotbed of technology. In fact basic controllers and electrical sprinkler valves have been the limit of most homes and commercial landscapes. But with ever-shrinking water resources, new technology is being introduced to conserve this precious resource.

Leading the way with technology, CCS sprinkler is installing a range of high-tech soil sensors. The use of soil moisture sensors is the most effective method for efficient water use in a landscape and this simple addition at the time of a sprinkler repair can reduce landscape water usage on average by 50%.

Steve Campbell, owner of CCS Sprinkler in Dallas said “New sprinkler installations are a great time to be planning an efficient sprinkler system with water-saving features. But there is a large embedded base of existing inefficient irrigation systems. If a homeowner is having a sprinkler repair, it is a good opportunity to make their system more efficient at the same time. Once installed and calibrated a soil moisture sensor really needs no further attention, and watering is immediately more efficient. We are able to realize much bigger water savings by installing soil moisture sensors at the time of a sprinkler repair, as there are just so many homes over-watering their lawns. Of course saving money on their water bill is a big help to hard-pressed consumers too”

Soil Moisture SensorThe new backyard technology of soil moisture sensors are sophisticated instruments capable of reliably and precisely measuring the water content of soil. Similar to a home thermostat in a house which switches on the furnace when the house gets cold, the technology installed in the backyard landscaping turns the sprinklers on only when the soil is too dry. A soil sensor measures the moisture capacity of the soil and turns off watering when it is wet enough. Often existing systems keep watering and water is lost or wasted to the sub-soil.

Water conservation is a particularly hot topic in the Dallas Metro area due to a booming population growth with no new sources of water. Lawn watering restrictions have been made permanent and the water conservation era is upon us. The Dallas water conservation Ordinance requirement for maximum twice-weekly watering went into effect on April 23, 2012. Irrigation of landscaped areas with hose-end sprinklers or automatic irrigation sys­tems was limited to no more than twice per week according to a mandatory schedule. Water is a critical issue in Dallas as it is susceptible to drought and the North Texas population is projected to double by 2060.The water conservation ordinance focused on outdoor watering because it is considered a non-essential use and, on average, accounts for approximately 30% of the Dallas city annual water use.

Horticultural experts agree that landscapes are healthiest with deep and infrequent watering. Even in the heat of summer, landscapes only need about one inch of water every 5 to 10 days to thrive. Watering landscape too often encourages shallow roots which are more susceptible to damage from extreme heat, freezing temperatures, pests, diseases and future drought conditions.

Dallas-based CCS sprinkler provides water-saving sprinkler systems using a wide range of products from soil moisture sensors to drip irrigation. CCS sprinkler has many years of experience using efficient technology for both residential and commercial sprinkler repairs and installation. They are also a Hunter Preferred Sprinkler Contractor and Rainbird Select installer, and can be contacted at:

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